Alberto Disarò

A renowned jewellery designer, Alberto blends innovation and avant-garde designs while celebrating traditional Italian craftsmanship. Throughout his career, Alberto has worked with prestigious international and Italian high-end brands. His excellence and innovative spirit have earned him numerous awards and recognition worldwide.

Alberto Disarò is an industrial and jewellery designer based in the historic heart of Padova, near Venice, in Italy. Thanks to collaborations with prestigious international and Italian brands in the jewellery sector, the artist developed a great experience in the luxury world. He is passionate about jewellery and creates fine pieces, silver jewellery, timepieces, eyewear as well as luxury accessories.

In 2010, he was finalist at the UK JEWELLERY AWARDS in London, in the category of Italian Jewellery Designer of the Year, the most important jewellery award in Europe.

Alberto is a master of original and innovative creations with an avant-garde style. His have an eclectic yet versatile spirit which results from the combination of colors and alternative materials like carbon, making the pieces unique and innovative underlining the fine hand-crafted manufacture, rigorously made in Italy with a keen eye for details.

About his inspirations…

Alberto’s latest sources of inspiration include every Art movement especially of Italian origin like renaissance, baroque, futurism and contemporary Italian art. He also like to immerse himself in the 80-90s fashion and the Italian architecture.  All these styles are then interpreted in a modern, original and unconventional way. With a unique sense of creativity, Alberto Disarò gives life to bold and contemporary design pieces combining outstanding design and finest Italian craftsmanship.

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