Bespoke Jewellery Designers

Passionate about jewellery since his childhood, Enzo graduated from renown design schools. Driven by his passion, Enzo has been able to make a place for himself within the greatest luxury houses from Louis Vuitton to Maje. This young designer from Geneva is inspired by his environment to revisit with modernity and elegance the codes of high jewellery.

A renowned jewellery designer, Alberto blends innovation and avant-garde designs while celebrating traditional Italian craftsmanship. Throughout his career, Alberto has worked with some of the world’s greatest names, from Bottega Veneta to Jacob & Co. His excellence and innovative spirit have earned him numerous awards and recognition worldwide.

Daria is an experienced jewellery designer graduated from Decorative and Applied Arts as a specialist in Jewellery design. She loves to reinvent the classics of jewellery by bringing her own touch of modernity, sensuality and refinement. Daria collaborated on prestigious projects with several brands and had the honor to see some of her creations presented in prestigious exhibitions around the world.

Marion is a young and ambitious jewellery designer who takes inspiration in the beauty of nature and the architectural grace for each of her creations. Freshly graduated from a prestigious design school in Paris, the young artist decided to drop her pens in Geneva. Her designs combine both modernity and sensuality through fluid and delicate curves seeking to illuminate the beauty of each woman.

Sreeked nurtures a devotion for jewellery and gemstones since his early age. As an ambitious man, he was trained in the most renowned schools for their excellence in the field of high jewellery and designs. Throughout his career, he has made a name for himself in prestigious houses such as Vacheron Constantin and Royal Insignia where he created unique pieces for the elite clients.

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