• What payment methods does Tim & Co. accept? 

Tim & Co. accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCards, American Express) and Apple Pay. 

  • What if I need help or advice about my purchase?

You can refer to the page “Contact Us”. One of our team members will be pleased to help you either by phone or via email. 

  • How can I personalize my jewellery?

Please refer to our page “Bespoke services” for more information about   customizing options and processes. 

  • Tim & Co. offer resizing? 

Yes, we offer resizing. You can refer to the page “Customer services” for more detailed information. 

  • How can I get an item repaired?

You can refer to the page “Customer services” to find all the details about our repair service process. 

  • How do I care for my jewellery? 

Tim & Co. take great care in selecting the highest quality materials for each of its creations. However, a slight wear is normal with time and daily pollution. To preserve the brightness of your jewellery we will provide you with some tips. 

Please note that jewellery storage is highly important to take care of your creation. Tim & Co. provide you with a protective box for each jewellery purchased. We recommend you to store your jewellery in the protective box between each wear. 

Silver Jewellery  

Silver can tarnish when exposed to salt air or products containing sulfur, such as rubber bands and some papers. 

Cleaning: You can use any silver jewellery cleaner on a cloth to gently clean your jewellery which will immediately regain its brilliance.

Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery can lose its color when exposed to household bleach.  

Cleaning: You can use any non-abrasive cleaner to gently clean your jewellery which will immediately regain its shine. 

Gemstone and diamonds Jewellery 

Make sure to avoid extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals which can damage your gemstones. Please note that gemstones and diamonds are delicate and can get out of your jewellery in case of violent impact. 

Cleaning: To clean your diamonds, you can use a non-abrasive cleanser.

  • What shipping options are available?

We provide free standard delivery shipping for each order. For more detailed information, please refer to our  “Delivery & Returns” page.

  • How can I make returns or exchanges?

Yes, you can return or exchange NON-customized jewellery. Please refer to the  “Delivery & Returns” page.

  • How can I track my online order? 

We will send you an email with all tracking details once your order has been shipped. You can also track the processing of your order by connecting to your Tim & Co. account. 

  • Where and how can I apply for a career at Tim & Co.?

To know more about our careers opportunities, please visit our “Career” section.

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