Laboratory-grown diamonds VS Natural diamonds

At Tim & Co. we celebrate every moment in life. Engaging in sustainability was an evidence for us.”

At Tim & Co., we wish to delight you with the possibility to customize your own jewel by making it as special as its wearer. You can choose between two kinds of exceptionally rare diamonds: laboratory-grown or naturals. 

Laboratory-grown diamonds are made by replicating the natural process of diamond formation in a laboratory. Their production is carefully controlled by our experts in laboratories which allow us to create a broad spectrum of diamond colors, size, and shape in only a few weeks compared to millions of years for natural ones. This unique process enables us to reduce considerably the negative impact of mining on our Mother Earth. You can be pleased by less expensive diamonds while taking an active step for our dear Planet. Like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are made of carbon going through high-temperature and high-pressure making them totally impossible to differentiate at the naked eye. Following our quest to perfection, our laboratory-grown diamonds hold the same vibrant scintillation and sparkling as natural diamonds. Our diamonds bring unbelievable advantages which open the path toward a more sustainable future.

Our engagement in responsible mining 

“Our mission is to bring the change.”

Enchanted by the beauty of Nature, we carry a unique emotional connection with this living treasure. We are convinced that we have a key role to play in environmental and social responsibility by always working with respect towards People and the Planet. We adopted an ethical approach in selecting the best suppliers and ensuring that they are properly following the Kimberley Process to which we are strongly committed. We are proud to offer you the perfect traceability of our diamonds at every step of the process, from the mine to our unique Creation. Each of our pieces of art is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity which guarantees their responsible sourcing. At Tim & Co., we strive to minimize as much as possible our footprint in each activity. Our devoted team takes great care to carefully protect your precious jewel in our sustainable packaging certified Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), the highest certification in terms of responsible forest management.

Our commitment in diversity and people

“We are a young, dynamic, multicultural company wishing to revolutionize the jewellery industry. “

At Tim & Co., creativity and audacity are masterwords. We believe that the innovation and ideas of tomorrow are created by inspired people coming from all over the world and sharing their ideas to build the future together. Therefore, we are proud to foster diversity by empowering talents from multicultural backgrounds. We strive to keep our workforce passionate and engaged in order to offer you the highest quality service and expertise. Respect, altruism, openness forged our spirit of engagement. Tim & Co. is highly committed to gender equality, and we wish to empower every woman, from our clients to our talents, providing them with confidence and a fulfilling atmosphere. Our Creations will guide you through the Journey of your life, making it more special and authentic.

Tim & Co. inspiration towards a better future

“Together, we fight for a Brighter World.”

Along our Sustainable Journey, we recognize the importance of using our voice to create a positive and relevant impact around us. Founding our inspiration in the natural world, we are dedicated to its preservation by supporting causes that strongly align with our values. Each month, we donate 1% of our profits to the WWF. This NGO has worldwide renown in working towards Human Welfare, Environmental Preservation, and Animals Protection. Their initiatives are dear to us and we are proud of contributing to their mission.

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