Daria Sobko

Daria is an experienced jewellery designer graduated from Decorative and Applied Arts as a specialist in Jewellery design. During her 6 years of education at the Higher School of Folk Art (Academy), she studied traditional Russian and World art, jewellery design, technology, gemmology, academic drawing, painting, and sculpture. Daria loves to reinvent the classics of jewellery by bringing her own touch of modernity, sensuality and refinement in each of her design. She collaborated on prestigious projects with several brands and had the honor to see some of her creations presented in exhibitions around the world.

Daria have worked with Liza Borzaya High Jewellery, a young and ambitious brand from Moscow where she adapted traditional techniques of jewellery enamel for the contemporary market, to combine enamel with precious stones and modern technologies. Daria have also created many bespoke jewellery for important clients and several jewellery collections. Some of her collections were presented in famous exhibitions such as the Salon Art + Design, New York City, Vegas Culture Show and Las Vegas (2019).

The artist has refined her luxury jewellery experience at Royal Insignia, a leading medal and luxury gifts company in Southeast Asia. Now, Daria works as an independent Jewellery designer for several companies in Russia, European Union, and Canada.

About her inspirations…

Daria enjoys travelling and studying oriental Art in museums around Asia. She loves exploring local cultures, cuisines, and architecture where she takes inspiration to design breathtaking creations.

“An artist should do things that inspire him a lot: sport, traveling, a time with family and friends, romantic dates or cooking. The idea is to collect energy. Besides that there are three important steps called: yesterday, today, tomorrow. If my inspiration after a quality resting time is fuel, these steps become rocket stages. 

Yesterday” is all about the heritage of last generation in Art or cultures. This step means an artist should explore Art, literature, movies, science, theatre in every week basis. My favourite parts are museums, landscape design and architecture. 

Today” is the nowadays trend in fashion, technologies, design, web design. Everything new, especially in jewellery, should be noticed and saved.

Tomorrow” is a summary step of the previous two. The time-tested Art with balanced colouring, proportions, deep cultural meaning meet contemporary design and technical trends in an artist consciousness. And the creative process starts in a brain, even without our full understanding. In this step, this is important to understand that all we are doing is our responsibility for next generation. Especially, jewellery that can exist almost forever. The design that we do now is our face in front of our descendants. They will be able to see our taste, philosophy, our way of thinking in hundreds and thousands years. It’s pretty empowering, isn’t it?”

A limitless imagination…

A delicate collection imagined for Tim & Co.

“My personal goal as a designer is to provide designs full of emotions, joy of life and aesthetics by combining goldsmith traditional techniques and contemporary technologies. Working with Tim & Co. is a perfect opportunity to make it real. Moreover, I’m in a deep touch with the target persona of the company. It’s important to understand that I work on designs for customers having similar values, lifestyle, age and energy as I am. Personal involvement is a stunning piece of inspiration for every artist.”

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