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Need help to create your bespoke engagement ring or wedding band?

We are here to guide you!



1. Choose your Designer

At Tim & Co., we wish to give you the chance to select a designer who matches your style and inspire you.

Get to know our designers. Immerse yourself into their universe. Let their inspirations talk to your heart.

2. Imagine your Creation

Our bespoke services represent a unique opportunity to express your creativity and customize every detail of your jewel. With us, you can enjoy a broad range of jewel types: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets in a variety of fine materials such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or silver. 

3. Define your style

At Tim & Co., we strive to empower you with significant pieces that truly reflect who you are. As such, you can define the unique spirit of your design to match your personality and style: modern, classic or romantic, the choice is yours.

4. Add meaningful details to your jewellery

We are pleased to let you choose between two types of exceptional diamonds for your jewellery: natural or laboratory-grown. At Tim & Co. we work with the highest quality diamonds, carefully selected by our experts to meet stringent standards. Each of our diamonds are singular, exhibiting the purest color, the brightest shine and the clearer cut. You can then select your prefered carat weight and the shape of your diamond: princess, round, oval, pear or cushion, it’s up to you!

5. Say something special

Engraving jewels exhibit a truly symbolic dimension, expressing the depth of your love. You can incorporate a piece of your feelings in your creation by adding a personal engraving or an image. Our bespoke team would be delighted to assist you in creating a jewel that truly symbolizes your love. You can share your inspiration with us through a picture and/or a text you would like to add to your jewel.  

6. Finalization

After having received your order, your favorite designers will provide you with a detailed sketch of your creation respecting your budget range. Once your design is finalized and approved, a 50% deposit will be asked to start the production of your piece of art. Please note that this process takes around 4 to 5 weeks due to the precision and care taken at each step to deliver you the perfect result. 

Send us your jewellery design brief!

Bespoke Jewellery
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