Sreeked CP

Sreeked nurtures a devotion for jewellery and gemstones since his early age. As an ambitious man, he was trained in the most renowned schools for their excellence in the field of high jewellery and designs. Throughout his career, he has made a name for himself in prestigious houses such as Vacheron Constantin and Royal Insignia where he created unique pieces for elite clients.

Cherishing a passion for jewellery, Sreeked has successfully completed his Bachelor in Jewellery Design from the prestigious Pearl Academy in Jaipur. In love with the challenge, the artist then obtained his master’s degree from the Creative Academy, a training program given by the Richemont Group to shape the best jewellery designers in the world. During this training, Sreeked was able to collaborate with some of the world’s leading luxury jewellery brands, including Vacheron Constantin, for whom he created two unique watch models. These one of a kind pieces were displayed in the international watch making fair “Watches and Wonders” held from September 30th to 3rd October 2015 in Hong Kong. The artist has also worked for elite clients such as the Royal Families from Malaysia and Middle East for whom he has created many pieces of jewellery and other luxury products including the wedding tiara of the Princess of a Malaysian Royal Family.

Celebrating the Royalties of India

Paying homage to the royalties of India and their love for pearls and precious gemstones, inspired from their lifestyle and passion, developed a parure for women of present times. The design has been prepared by using the influence and techniques of the west.

The rendering of the design has been done by using Gouache (right image). The main elements used in this ornate design are Cellini braided Emeralds and Pearls, Carved emeralds, Pearls and briolette Emeralds. 

Love for Details, Passion for Precision

Design of a pendant inspired from the Sea Life. Designed in 18 karat yellow gold with Diamonds, Rubies & Emerald. The design of the pendant completely hand rendered using Gouache( middle image) accompanied by a computer rendered version of the design (right image).

Exclusive collection imagined for Tim & Co.

“Inspired from the women who embraces the beauty of life with their wings of freedom and dazzles like a flawless gem everyday…”

With the idea of developing a jewellery collection for Tim & Co, my inspiration sprouted from the keywords that may relate to a young and modern woman of current times. The design had to be minimalistic yet elegant and out of the several elements derived from the brainstorming, one of the elements “Moon” was chosen for developing a simple everyday wear jewellery.

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